Collaboration, Inspiration, and Coffee.

Those are three things that make BGEN different from your typical office or workspace. Coworking spaces are helpful for entrepreneurs, remote workers, and small businesses, but students are benefiting as well.


That’s right, students! It’s a broad term to describe those who thrive in coworking spaces. Every student, whether in high school, graduate school, community college, or virtual learner, wants to pursue a degree that will further their career goals. They also all lack a place where studies meet real-life experiences and where they are surrounded by like-minded people. That’s where BGEN comes in. Students have the opportunity to focus without distractions and they are around professionals that may operate in their chosen field.


Typically, when you think of a coworking space, you picture a large group of professionals working together. There is a huge variety of projects that these professionals are working on, for different companies, in completely different fields. Now students get to see first-hand what life is like in the “real world,” instead of being shocked after receiving their diplomas. Close interaction can result in the birth of an entrepreneur, the hiring of a college grad, or the growth of a network as a whole.

As the future, students can gain so much knowledge by being at the forefront of the professional world. In order to create the diversity of coworking spaces, many creative and hard-working people are involved. People thrive when they are constantly learning from and growing with one another.