know2 logoWelcome to bGEN! If you are considering starting a new business, we can help. bGEN (begin) is an initiative of KNOW2, a nonprofit organization devoted to helping people aspire and achieve an education so they can get or create a job, provide for their lives and families, and give back to others. With hundreds of volunteers in schools and in the community in Cherokee County, and efforts in education (for children and adults), public health, safety and crime prevention, and economic development, KNOW2 is a major force for change and renewal in Cherokee County, SC.

Our business generator has been two years in preparation and we are very glad to announce that our facility at 301 N. Limestone Street is now open. With the support of the Appalachian Regional Council, the City of Gaffney and the Timken Corporation, we are ready to begin serving new business owners and those who are dreaming of starting their own for-profit or non-profit venture.

Roger Ferrell, a regional missionary & consultant for Southern Baptist churches, has helped start many churches, nonprofits & businesses, leads economic development for KNOW2 & oversees bGEN. Brian Ziegelheafer, a lifetime entrepreneur, former youth pastor & nonprofit leader, and a highly creative photographer & designer of everything from websites to skateboards, runs bGEN day to day. Robin Reed, a former stockbroker and teacher and a passionate supporter of education and entrepreneurship, is the executive director of KNOW2.

You are never too old or too young to start a new business venture, to pursue your dreams or to fulfill God’s calling on your life. With a lot of hard work, some help and a willingness to learn, you can start something new, create jobs, provide for your family and do good in the community and the world. Please spread the word and let’s begin!

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